Project use D is about keeping clothes alive until the product comes to the deepest point of it`s life. It is inevitable that clothes come to the end of their lifetime, but when they end up unworn or unloved in the bottom of your closet it’s probably time to give a thought. It’s not uncommon for styles and garments to fall out of favor. With this initiative, we aim to give these no longer used or perhaps end of life garments a second chance. There are customers and enthusiasts who would balk and the thought of wearing jeans not faded and worn in by them. On the other hand there quite many who like the so called “used look” or garments with patchwork and repairs.
So how does it work?
Step 1 Send us an e-mail including photos of your garment.
Step 2 We will review it, and write you an answer.
Step 3 We need to send us the item(s) to us, and we will issue you 25% store credit of the original value.
Depending on the condition of the jeans we’ll do one of the following three things.
1) Add to our archives, we love nothing more than seeing great faded and worn examples of our clothes, the same goes for our retailers! These pieces will make it online to our ‘Hall of Fades’ gallery or quite possibly end up proudly displayed in one of our retailers brick and mortar stores.
2) Re-sold. We’ll put these through the 5 point repair plan making sure the jeans are clean, healthy, and suitable for a new home. These will then be available for purchase on the geppebba website.
3) Re-purposed. We’ve been in discussion with several local ateliers discussing the viability of re-using denim and other fabric that has plenty of life left. We’ve been encouraged by the response and have had a number of suggestions regarding re-use. If the item does not fit into one of the previous categories we will aim to use parts for repair such as darning snags and patching up crotch blowout. Alternatively, we can make anything from pillow covers to coasters.
PROJECT use D – TERMS AND CONDITIONS The decision on which used garments we will accept for PROJECT use D is entirely at our discretion (please note we are not interested in adding carbon footprint to clothing which is so damaged that it is only good for fabric recycling or trashing – it would be simpler for you to do this yourself, locally). If any garment is refused our decision is final and we will not enter into any further correspondence on the matter. Once garment(s) are received, we will calculate discount based on actual prices. If multiple garments are returned FOR PROJECT use D we will generally combine discounts, but we reserve the right to issue separate discount codes for each item, which cannot be combined with other discounts. Any items sent to us for PROJECT use D become the property of geppebba and are non-returnable. We reserve the right to process garments sent to us for PROJECT use D in any way we think fit, via the methods outlined on our website. Depending on garment condition, we may re-purpose, display, give away, re-sell or dispose of at our discretion.