We can not limit ourselves to only one adventure.

We are all diverse and so we come up with new and fresh ideas again and again. We love it.

Projects are vitality and our lifetime adventure.

You can even say that our pants we started with is also a cooperation.

Ebba & Geppetto = geppebba.
Geppebba was initially the name for the pants and has increasingly become the term for all our projects.

Through this geppebba – pants project, we have grown in knowledge, skills and above all, important and friendly contacts.

Making art wearable has always been one of our particular interests.

Therefore we are regularly doing collaborations with artist to produce unique prints or textile designs.
Innovative ideas and well thought-out garments is the fundamental characteristic of geppebba.

Sometimes those things need to have a separate focus, which also means their own websites.

On we try to show all projects and give attention to these special platforms.