What´s your fashion Story?




What´s your fashion Story?

Hi, here is my story:

When I was a 3 years old boy my father seemed strange to me. He always completely removed all the labels and stitchings from the back pockets of his jeans. He said to me: “Look, that`s the best pants in the world.“ All his life he only bought Levis 501 shrink to fit label. He always has wore it first raw & unwashed for 2 weeks to put it afterwards into the washing machine. “The perfect shape and beauty will come by these repetitive processes of wearing and washing”, he said. I felt that denim is alive and something very special! Also because I remember that this model particular “shrink to fit” was not easy to find for him. The stonewashed model was absolute nothing he could be happy with…! So when I was a teenager in the 90ies, the hype about this 501 pair of jeans suddenly occurred! From this point on I knew that my dad had always been right and realised what fashion is. How happy I was that meanwhile I fitted in his old used jeans. I was able to weare them like baggy style. Oh, I was so proud to wear his old pair of jeans! I started to understand how beautiful this fabric is. When I got my first very new shrink to fit model, a hard and dark blue steel sheet from the beginning but over the time getting the personal character – I just fall in love. Hence my deep aversion about finishings and any kind of post-treatment on new pair of jeans! Making something new with used materials and/or repair it is what I love too – but – nobody would say it`s new, innovation & design and would buy a rusty & bumped car for extra money, when it was completely new produced one week before, or not !?

Ok, the years passed by. Engineered jeans cuts came up when I was like 20 years old. I immediately bought one – I wanted to wear something different as my dad 😉 ? I also wanted to find my favourite jeans model in my life! One day, it was raining the day before a 2-month surf trip and my pair of jeans got wet – while hectically packing up I put them in a bucket. When I returned, the jeans were of course moldy & musty. So I treated the jeans with mold cleaner and the former mold spots were surprisingly blotchy white – my friends asked me about this special model and supposed it would be an extra expensive “designer jeans” 😀

again the years passed by… and our story started in Morocco.

until my wife & I had no let go of the question of the ultimate pair of trousers.

Unbelievable, almost all pants have the construction idea of side seams, no matter which material! How could a general accepted cut look like that can reflect a modern progression? Isn’t it possible that we look at my dad´s old jeans having the impression that we do look on a medieval solution to disguise the legs? Our adventurous denim story started and my wife & I founded a „fashion label“ – after 3 years of prototyping, geppebba was ready for mass production in 2006.

But we had to realize how impossible it is to get ahead in the market – our arguments, the basic idea of form follwos function, just a real product itself is of interest in the closer circle of friends but not on the market (?) – today we love to sew our pants on old pedal machines. Living the spirt is our luxury we feel with denim! Thank you dad, for me, the story oft he best pants in the world has no ending!