Environmental Activities

( just move your ass ! )

As a brand and manufacturer we must lead by example also in our private life. Fashion is not only about garments, but also connected to lifestyle. Protecting our environment, fulfilling social responsibilities, ensuring that we and our customers can reduce the impact to the environment is an inevitable, most important, useful, wake-up trend, that nobody can deny. The question is why we have culturally such a huge deficit to just be able to pick up the small plastic you can see here and there!? Even if the topic is omnipresent – “everyone” is passing by at the moment of the opportunity to pick up the small plastic piece which is obviously right in front of the nose. Just think aboout the gap between private action and talking… and of course you want to see the green certificate – the requirements are easily added to the wish list. The quality of geppebba depends, on the materials and methods we are using for our products, maximising responsibility for the entire product lifecycle and examining how we use resources everywhere. We engage ourself in environment protection activities and keep it as simple as it is, like: the lowest possible production quantity = earn just enough to survive = low impact on nature, no car driving, because no money for gas = no CO2 pollution etc… in the majority of cases there is no technology needed, innovation is pure renunciation!

You can identify the desire for comfort, stupidity or greed as the main reasons of human depletion of wildlife & nature. But honestly if you have a car, would you sell it? We did exactly that – to see how far we just come by omission and do something for nature. As a result we were forced to travel excessively by train…

… and experienced an incredible surprise! By exploring our physical limits everyday, we landed in ultra-endurance sports – we realised that ironman is a sprint distance, and ultratrail running should be possible for everybody! Reduction makes you so much stronger – it´s tremendous! To run 80km without any problems was a great feeling within the ultrarunning scene and to be part in 160km competitions was a real experience. But by doing this we found out that the abrasion of running-shoe soles doesn`t mean that you are 100% eco friendly and we got a confirmation about a premature hip arthrosis, plus that the car is burning gasoline somewhere else…

Environment Policy

– we create real products and deliver on request, no collection over modulation, no overproduction (!!!) yes, who is talking about overproduction…? Patagonia is the only one to mention here – and we are also true fans of this brand
– we have high providence for made in Europe (low delivery routes are the main factor for being a sustainable brand or not !) & adore the handcraft (fair trade is local !)

– sustainability is our 100% trait. But as a matter of course we are not making a marketing concept out of it…  we recommend to wear your cloth to the very end of the material lifetime and repair it again and ever again – that is the greenest what you can do – and maybe you already have enough clothes, so please buy only when necessary!

– we do no fake vintage style or used looks – enjoy the process of things getting old, the result is much nicer than any fake stone wash or how ever look can provide! We also think that it`s absolute stupid of the denim industry to reduce the lifetime of a garment with mostly harmful methods/effects or using any kind of energy (mostly harmful sourced!).. like treatments with “innovative” laser technology and so called water-reduced washings – that`s just industrial bullshitting the purchaser! And – it is also absolutely incomprehensible for us how there can be instructions that deliberately destroy new jeans in order to get a so-called “used look” – stop it!

– we have excellent manufacturing contacts in Europe for embroidery, sewing, laundry & dyeing etc….All of them have environmental certifications and fulfill the higher standards possible today. Please have a look at our int. suppliers for fabric, yarn & other parts: www.berto.it , www.panamatrimmings.it , www.micspa.comwww.ricamificioerrebi.com , www.tobby.comwww.ykk.comwww.sintex.czwww.oyster.ltwww.uco.be

  • 1) Recognizing that all business activities can have an impact on the environment, we promote energy conservation, resource saving / reduction and recycling of waste.
  • 2) By setting and working towards the achievement of environmental objectives, we continue to work on the improvement of our environment management system developed through the prevention of pollution.
  • 3) In addition to complying with all environment related laws, we abide by any other requirements that we have committed to.
  • 4) Being a company that is cognizant of the environment enables us to provide products and services that our customers are able to trust.
  • 5) We will also apply at the household level the methods for reducing environmental load that we have acquired through activities, aiming to live in harmony with the society of which we are part.
  • 6) With the elimination of waste from these activities, we will streamline and improve the efficiency of our operation, and promoting cost reduction.

Join our use D project and send us your denim

to get 25% off for a new pair of jeans!

Reduce your impact and help us close the loop by sending us your old denim for recycling. We accept any stretch free jeans. By receiving your old jeans and denim pieces, we’ll give you 25% off on your next pair of jeans in our shop.
Our use D recycling initiative seeks to limit the environmental impact of new clothes and reduce textile waste.
Your old denim and jeans will be recycled into new yarns for new denim or we use it for patchwork. Old jeans will become new jeans.

Thank you & Amen.