denim tailoring

– naturally raw – the fabric will adapt to our soul and body over the time – something hard and rough needs taming by the everyday use – this will let the denim show its potential and beauty which made denim instinctively so famous.

1. Any form of treatment to artificially imitate a used look is what we call a crime

2. Yes, it is allowed to wash your garment made out of denim – there is unfortunately a completely wrong and exaggerated understanding of care for the fabric.

3. We do not boast about this false understanding in order to generate an image of supposedly denim connoisseurs who are putting their clothes into a freezer and who never remove dirt from their jeans

We source denim fabrics from the following companies:

– Berto pure indigo denim (MANIFATTURA 1887 – FRATELLI BERTO) realized by the old Picanol shuttle looms, original of the 1950’s, specifically restored and renovated ! (check

– GES-TEX buys large quantities from well-known brands worldwide. The contribution to sustainability is the return of quality materials to the economic cycle to prevent them from disposal. The company founded in Germany 1996 (check