Photo: Berlin fashion week summer 2010 at +38°C (Brunnenstraße / wedding dress show)

Hi !
We are Ebba & Geppetto (that`s why “geppebba”)

It started in summer 2003 in Morocco because of a tuareg business man
who wanted to sell us accessories on the beach everyday..
..but after 2 month our eyes stucked focusing on his fine looking pair of traditional trousers. A pair of blue saourel with embroideries which had an effect of noble and casual.
We asked him unsuccessfully buying this trousers, because we actually could not find any in similar quality at the souq…

Well, Ebba was a fashion student at this time so she started to design one sarouel for our custom desires..
– which all ended in 3 years of prototyping for our first 100pc series of a new elaborated vision of trousers.
But today we can say, we did not expect that this process will take our whole lifetime!
The “Evolution for the Ultimate Drop Crotch Trousers”.
We changed our lives subsequently and in many aspects we learned much by exploring the limits.
Everything what happend on the pioneered way to the product surprised our imagination,
the emotional yo-yo trips, the funny fortune, the lovely people and all the lessons…
this is what has challenged our ambition to design, never give up, mature & realise textile ideas.

A fantastic way to go and discover the general relativity on the own risk is a break out and
– that`s geppebba for us – what we both are doing to give our existence a meaning.
A good product must be able to speak for itself without marketing actions or an explaination
(and of course not missing sustainable aspects,
but this is so  fundamental and obviously clear for us that also this is no marketing bubble worth it..).

We love creative ideas & perfect products and hope to catch open minds for indiviual and progressive clothing.

Thank you for reading ! 🙂