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The Curz linen shorts: a loose shape in high quality linen with the look of a classic five-pocket design – but as might be expected, we did not only forgot one backpocket – to enjoy our elaboratetd recognition factors, big pockets, tearproof crotch and our loveabel manufacturing quality – there is also another well-thought-out and the unique advantage here: A versatile fit that ends just above the knees with straight legs to provide maximum mobility and the exact comfort you need for a very very very hot summer season!

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 you found a manufacturer that is producing garments on old pedal sewing machines !


Made of locally woven linen fabrics, our shorts are lightweight, comfortable and breathable due to the material’s nature to keep you cool. You’ll appreciate soft wearing comfort on the skin and the look is perfect at framing your best laid-back style all day long. And why not linen to keep you comfortable during very exhausting exercises, if you are looking for an alternative to complicated functional plastic materials? Linen is one of the least environmentally damaging textiles. Linen is strong, absorbent and dries faster than cotton and unlike synthetic textiles – are biodegradable. Which means that their constituent molecules reabsorb into the surrounding environment within a matter of years instead of centuries. Moreover flax plants have a high rate of carbon absorption, that`s why linen is considered to be a sustainable material, even when it is not organically grown. One pair of long linen trousers requires approximately 2 square meters of linen fabric, which is equivalent to 4.5kg CO2.

Linen textiles appear to be some of the oldest in the world. Due to its superior durability the history of woven linen fabrics from wild flax may date back over 30,000 years. Plutarch wrote that the priests of Isis also wore linen because of its purity, so linen is a display of wealth, even though it was the everyday clothing used by the lower class for e.g. undergarments. Today manufacturing linen is still a time-consuming and laborious process. It`s more costly than cotton because the flax plant from which linen originates demands special care and attention during harvest and needs a lot of experience to weave. And linen is less available in the clothing market than cotton, making it a rare and unique fabric which all comes down to high production cost. The advantage you get of linen is that the fibers, with more use, are becoming better with age which contributes the linen items longevity.

As our fate made us living near to one of the last weaving mills in Sweden – Vävaren i Båstad is weaving 100% linen since 1949. Sweden’s oldest linen weaver that only use 100 % linen and as the only one in Skåne its our local supplier. ( We are very happy to invite you to enjoy products of this perfect collaboration, quality materials and our elaborated modern design and our oldschool production method (handmade on pedal sewing machines).

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Linen: light, soft and nobel with a long tradition. This fabric an outstanding eco material with the best attributes for the summer

Composition: 100% unbleached linen

Weight: 8oz

Colour: dark blue

Weaver: Vävaren i Båstad is weaving 100% linen since 1949. Sweden's oldest linen weaver that only use 100 % linen and as the only one in Skåne its our local supplier.


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