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Never heard anything about alpine denim shorts or vegan bavarian “Lederhose”? However this tradition hack is embroidered with motifs by the artist Eliot The Super. Be a stylish and splendid guy in the forest, on top of a mountain or just go for boxing in the tavern and say: “Hello everybody, take a look at my pants! Here the belt buckle is emblazoned, there is a bull’s skull with laser beams, surrounded by acorns and hearts on the fly and legs. Rustic in appearance and traditionally handcrafted by using the cross stitch technique, the WALDMANN is the clear definition of a man’s image among of all the denim shorts. Thanks to ELIOT, a Munich graffiti veteran, who has consistently combined the visual language of Pop Art with embroidery since 2004. Usually his embroidery art is only available on canvas appearing on gallerie walls…ELIOT brings his cross stitch exclusively to our OIPNGLÜGG collection. Available only on request!!! We sew this model for you on our ANKER RZ from 1950 – which is a pedal sewingmachine..

RQ Edition = single-unit production on request / Design by Eliot The Super

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Available sizes: XS / S / M / L / XL

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