What was the reason we started the “Evolution for the Ultimate Drop Crotch Trousers” ? (x) Today we can say, we did not expect that this process will take our whole lifetime.
We changed our lives subsequently and in many aspects we learned much by exploring the limits.
Everything what happend on the pioneered way to the product surprised our imagination, the emotional yo-yo trips, the funny fortune, the lovely people and so many the lessons…
this is what has challenged our ambition to design. Never give up, mature by realising textile ideas!

geppebba for us is a break out – is giving our existence a meaning – maybe this is a fantastic philosophy but here we must set this as our fundament

+ that we love creative ideas, perfect products and hope to catch open minds for indiviual and progressive clothing.

A product:
  • must be able to speak for itself without marketing actions or any explaination
  • must be solid and work in the daily use
Sustainable & social aspects:
  • are is so fundamental and obviously clear for us and should be for everybody that it does not primarily rule our marketing –
  • we are transparent and service oriented

Love is work made visible.

The brand name, GEPPEBBA, was an impulsive idea.

Ebba`s & Geppetto`s ultimate low crotch pants project. Inspired from oriental input we thought the name could reflect also a melody.

Our logo, the SUN, symbolizing the place we had the idea of our business activity we will continuing forever.

Our Responsibilities: